Cloud Backup and Your Disaster Preparedness Plan


In a world of efficiency, data, and connected everything, business continuity in the face of the unexpected has become far easier to achieve. But if you want to be as resilient as the best companies in the world, you will need the technology behind your organization to make it happen.

Disaster preparedness is something that many small businesses are, well… unprepared for.

Cloud backup can become a pillar of your disaster preparedness plan, ensuring that you can recover quickly when the unexpected occurs.

Why Your Organization Needs Backup and Disaster Recovery for Online Assets

Communication and data transfer are most commonly achieved online in today’s business landscape. Even for a small or medium-sized business, this is true. Look at your website and all the information it holds. Your customer records, or at least an aspect of them, are likely stored online and attached to your website database. The information you store on and around your website isn’t just data, it’s what your company uses to achieve its daily goals.

If your online presence is central to your operation, then your operation is also exposed to inherent risks including…

      • Ransomware, viruses, and malware.
      • Human error.
      • Unauthorized access and loss of data.
      • Hardware failure.
      • Natural disasters.

There are ways you can mitigate some of these risks. With the right hosting provider, you can get enterprise-grade security solutions that help to safeguard your data. But things can still go wrong.

If you want to be sure that your online presence is protected, you need to do more than just secure it. You need to back it up.

Cloud Backup for Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers

Your dedicated or virtual private server can be integrated with a powerful cloud backup and disaster recovery platform, offered by HostRound, and powered by Acronis technology.

More than just a backup solution for web hosting, our solution can back up any of your systems whether they originate from your server or physical environments. Powerful integration allows complete protection for your infrastructure and data.

Storage Options for Data Backup

You can store backups in multiple locations, giving you complete redundancy and more flexibility in your disaster preparedness plan. NAS, local disks, and dedicated cloud backup can all be integrated into the solution.

Redundancy is something that smaller businesses either forget or assume they can’t achieve when developing a disaster preparedness plan. But with our service, it’s easy to track and replicate backups across multiple secure locations.

Our cloud storage backups are inherently secure, and redundancy is built right into the service, ensuring that you can quickly and easily restore your data.

We provide instant restoration to minimize disruption to your website or other hosted services and platforms. Being able to quickly recover from data loss or an attack will help you to maintain productivity and continue to meet your deliverables and any SLAs that you might have with your customers.

Data Integrity for Your Cloud Backup

Simply storing your data isn’t enough to ensure that you can recover it. Maintaining its integrity is key. For reasons of business continuity and any compliance standards that apply to your business, you need a solution that can check your data for tampering and digital corruption.

Our solution includes blockchain notarization, using an innovative algorithm that prevents damage to your data. This ensures that stored data remains unchanged over time. When your data is stored, a hash code is produced, and the same happens every time the data is updated. The local data can be checked against the latest hash on the blockchain network to validate integrity. With this, you can determine when data has been corrupted or tampered with and take appropriate action.

Having tools to not only store and recover your data but also validate it, will keep your company more agile and prepared.

Easy Access Through a Unified Control Interface

HostRound provides a simplified control panel interface where all your data management is unified. You can easily back up, recover, and browse your backups with ease.

The Easiest Cloud Solution for Disaster Preparedness and Backup Recovery

Our backup system runs on your hosted Windows or Linux server and Workstations, backing up data to drives on the cloud without any discernable performance impact. Our backups are fast, and you can scale the solution with the storage that you need. It’s easy to adapt as your business grows, and you’ll only need to pay for what you need, so you can keep expenditures in check.

Don’t neglect the need to keep your data backed up and protected. HostRound offers a secure and stable backup service to keep your data safe, available, and fully intact. Restore your data quickly, and keep your business running without interruption. Add Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery to your server today, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re ready to respond to any data loss event.