VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Regular Performance Linux Virtual Private Servers

1CPU/1 GB RAM (KVM)Paid Quarterly
  • CPU 1x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 1 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 25GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 1TB Bandwidth
  • $5.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
  • CPU 1x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 2 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 60GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 2TB Bandwidth
  • $9.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
  • CPU 2x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 4 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 90GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 4TB Bandwidth
  • $18.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
  • CPU 2x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 8 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 120GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 4TB Bandwidth
  • $28.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
4CPU/8 GB RAM (KVM) Best Seller
  • CPU 4x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 8 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 250GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 6TB Bandwidth
  • $38.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
  • CPU 8x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 16 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 340GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 7TB Bandwidth
  • $74.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
  • CPU 8x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 32 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 500GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 10TB Bandwidth
  • $139.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee
  • CPU 12x CPU Core(s)
  • RAM 64 GB Dedicated RAM
  • SSD 860GB SSD Storage
  • Data Traffic 10TB Bandwidth
  • $268.99 /Month
    $0.00 Setup Fee

Powerful Processing

Our servers are powered by Intel E5 and AMD EPYC CPUs with up to 32 Cores. Each VPS has full access to the allocated CPU core(s).

NVMe & SATA SSD storage

Choose between SATA SSD and NVMe SSD. We utilize Enterprise Samsung NVMe storage on recently deployed systems. NVMe SSD Provides incredible I/O performance over SATA SSD.

High Availability

High availablilty, low latency and the best uptime in the industry with network redundancy and connectivity failover.

Free DDoS Mitigation

DDoS protection is a must. Every VPS comes with a basic mitigation between 5 and 40Gbps. An Enterprise mitigation option is available for up to 500Gbps and unlimited PPS.


Automated Snapshots

Protect your data with automated full server backup. Automatically created server snapshot with various intervals and 1-click restoration for a small fee.

Fully Managed Servers

Add cPanel management plan to your server and let our cPanel certified team handle all server-related tasks including security hardening, server configuration and more.

Datacenter-Class Hardware

Servers built on the latest technology and most efficient datacenter-class hardware for the best performance and longer lifespan.


100% Uptime SLA

High availability is our top priority. We guarantee 100% Uptime SLA.

Private Network

Private Network

Your servers hosted in the same datacenter location can communicate with each other over a private, secure, and fast network.

24/7 Premium Support

Fast and professional support powered by experts that are very keen on your success.

Wide range of OS

Choose from a wide range of Linux OS distros. You can reinstall OS from server management panel in a very simple way.

moneyback guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is covered with 30-Day money back guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why VPS Hosting from HostRound?

Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC CPUs

Pure Samsung NVMe SSD storage

24/7 Premium Support

Full root Access

A wide range of Operating Systems

Automated full server backup

Automatic failover between fiber pairs. Six pairs with 2+ strands each.

Free DDoS mitigation

10Gbps port speed on each VPS node

Full-featured and easy to use VPS management panel.

Wide range of add-ons available to your VPS.

100% Network Uptime.

Kernel-based virtualization (KVM) for full isolation and limitless power.

100% Power Uptime.

Powerful Management Panel

Powerful and easy to use management panel to manage your virtual private server.

You can boot, reboot or shutdown your virtual server, reinstall OS, manage server IPs, monitor your traffic usage, reset root/administrator password and much more.

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Control Panel

cPanel/WHM From $13.5/m
cPanel Fully Managed +$20/m
CentOS-WP Free
VestaCP Free
Webmin Free
Plesk Use your own license

Operating System

Linux Distros FREE
CloudLinux OS From $12.99/m

IP Address

Additional IPv4 $2.5/m
IPv6 Free
DDoS Protected IP (500Gbps/Unlimited PPS) $10/m

Billing Software

WHMCS (Starter)

Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server From $10/m
  |-> LSCache Included

Server Security

Configserver eXploit Scanner + Installation&Config. $69 One-time
Imunify360 From $25/m




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