The Importance of OpenAI and AI Chat in the Coming Years


OpenAI has been a recurring topic in technology news over recent months. The advanced language model has been praised for its deep learning algorithm that allows it to produce human-like text and form detailed conversations, articles, and essays.

What is the OpenAI language model, and why will it be important for businesses in the coming years?

The OpenAI language model, GPT-3, is an advanced language generation AI. It has been trained using an extensive range of text data, that helps it to create human-like text and conversations. It can perform translations, answer questions, summarize text and unique concepts, and much more. GPT-3 and its iterations are considered to be the most advanced AI language models released so far.

Every business, no matter the size, should be aware of OpenAI’s technology and where AI is headed in the coming years.

Why is the Corporate World So Interested in AI?

In January, Google announced that it would demonstrate a new version of its search engine with AI chatbot integration before the end of this year. Google’s AI search will rely more on natural language, using advanced algorithms. Google has in the past been reluctant to move too heavily towards AI, as poor AI services could damage the company’s reputation.

Now it seems that Google is confident enough in its technology that it’s ready to show the world.

Or, another angle to consider could be that Google is feeling threatened by Microsoft’s moves in AI. Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAI, becoming a major partner. When the company’s newest investment is closed and approved, Microsoft will own 49% of OpenAI.

Why are two of the world’s largest and most important technology companies so interested in AI? There are a few reasons why…

      • Developments in AI and natural language processing mean that organizations can now realistically consider AI for text communications with their customers.
      • It’s not just communications where the advantages are found. AI can be used as a type of bridging language tool. OpenAI has demonstrated this with tools that take natural language instructions and turn them into programming code. In the future, programs could be written entirely with natural language input while AI takes care of the actual coding. This could break down the barriers between the initial concept and the final development and distribution.
      • AI can automate tasks to help streamline businesses. Customer support and data entry are already possible with current AI. In the future, content creation could become fully AI-based.

There are still challenges to overcome, but the industry is moving at a rapid pace. Companies like Microsoft and Google are investing today so that they can have an advantage in the future when AI is more ubiquitous.

Can You Integrate AI Into Your Business Today?

There are various ways that AI, particularly the GPT-3 flavor of AI, can be incorporated into your business. Some companies have already proven that the technology can be utilized to create natural conversations based on human input.

It’s also possible to train and refine different iterations of GPT-3 to create custom chatbots. ChatGPT was released in November 2022, showcasing how OpenAI’s technology can be used for research, content generation, developing concepts around specific ideas, and holding in-depth conversations.

The chatbot can mimic a human in conversation, however, there are still cases where the information provided by the chatbot is inaccurate. One of the worrying things about this is that the chatbot creates text that is confident and seemingly authoritative, even when the information is wrong.

This is something for businesses to think about as they look more into AI technologies. Incorrect information could be damaging to a business and its reputation. It’s important to thoroughly test and refine any AI implementation of a chatbot to help protect an organization. At the same time, humans can also provide bad information even when they are extensively trained. It is arguably easier to refine the algorithm of an AI than it is to train bad information or procedures out of a person.

Should Your Business Be Thinking About AI?

You don’t need to operate a business at the scale of Microsoft or Google to see the benefits of AI. Even a simple AI-based chatbot integrated into your company’s website could help to streamline your workflow and free up your resources. People can focus on more complex tasks, while AI can take care of simpler interactions.

OpenAI, GPT-3, and new iterations like GPT-3.5 could help to create chatbots that are more advanced, more engaging, and more accurate. Even if you aren’t using AI in your business today, accepting these technologies, their benefits, and their potential use cases will help you to plan for the future.