The Web Hosting Technology Trends That Matter in 2023

More than 5.2 billion people have access to and use the internet almost every single day. That’s more than 65% of the global population. As a platform to communicate, share information, and reach an audience, nothing else comes close.

With the internet being such an important aspect of doing business in the modern economy, companies of all backgrounds and sizes can make use of a reliable web hosting solution. If you need web hosting for a customer-facing site, web apps, data storage and backup, or any other purpose, you’ll find reliable solutions with HostRound.

As you explore your options you can look at 2023’s web hosting technology trends to keep everything in context.

Secure Connections Matter

Five years ago, Google made the decision to inform users of its Chrome browser when accessing a non-HTTPS site. A message available along the address bar warned users that non-HTTPS sites could be compromised and that it was risky to share any type of personal information.

Users now overwhelmingly prefer websites with secure connections. Having a secure site can win trust. In addition to this, secure sites appear to rank better in Google’s search algorithm.

If you’re developing a site in 2023, it’s important that you use an SSL certificate to generate a secure connection between the server and the user. HostRound’s web hosting solutions fully support this.

Redundancy is Becoming More Important

The Pandemic made it even more critical to do business online. Physical interactions were limited, and more consumers transitioned to online shopping, online services, and even online work.

The importance of a more digital marketplace made redundancy particularly important. For web hosting, redundancy and reliability relate to how reliable a hosting solution is. High-uptime web hosting solutions from data centers that have strong redundancy and reliability can ensure that your online presence is maintained virtually all of the time.

Choosing a company like HostRound will give you access to solutions that come with high availability and reliability. When choosing options like our Premium Bare-Metal Servers, you could enjoy 100% power and network uptime from the most reliable data centers in the world.

Hosting Customers Want Additional Services

One of the most significant trends to emerge in recent years is the vast availability of web hosting solutions. To differentiate, hosting providers have had to adapt to offer not only a range of services but also add-on features that create value and convenience.

This trend has now separated the best hosting providers from the rest of the market. Customers are highly informed, so basic hosting solutions are easy to identify, limiting the value proposition.

HostRound takes pride in offering not only the best web hosting solutions but in adding features that create real value. It’s not simply a case of providing features that nobody needs. The added features need to be suited to a wide range of potential customers with practical applications.

Our add-on features are diverse and are available throughout different packages. Some standout features include…

      • LiteSpeed Web Server
      • CloudLinux OS
      • WordPress Manager
      • 1-Click backup restorations.
      • SpamExperts Outgoing email filters.
      • Free malware protection to enhance security with Imunify360.
      • Free domain names (plan dependent).
      • Acronis Cyber Protect
      • Dedicated IP addresses.
      • Enterprise-grade DDoS protection (plan dependent).

Exploring our range of hosting options will give you an idea of exactly how much value can be created with additional features. Even our most affordable hosting plans offer features that enhance usability, security, and recoverability.

Versatile Backup Solutions are In Demand

As more businesses have transitioned to heavily online-based models, the need to secure data has increased. The ability to recover from data loss can make a huge difference in how resilient a business is.

Cloud backup is the most efficient way to safeguard data. It allows for easy restoration and management of data. There are flexible storage options available, including the ability to store data backups in multiple locations. This is particularly important when dealing with critical data, or when there are specific regulatory requirements that must be met.

HostRound can offer advanced cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, powered by the Acronis platform. This includes proactive protection and innovative features like blockchain notarization to ensure data integrity.

Green Hosting Solutions

Both consumers and businesses have become more environmentally conscious in recent years. Web hosting customers now demand cleaner and more efficient solutions.

Data centers and the storage and transmission of data are energy-intensive, but modern data centers are addressing this by transitioning to more efficient hardware, incorporating on-site solar solutions and electrical backup systems, and purchasing electricity from sustainable providers.

If you are looking for ethical and environmentally-conscious web hosting solutions, you can have confidence knowing that HostRound is aligned with your goals, and makes green decisions without compromising the reliability of your service.

Choose the Best Hosting Solutions in 2023

Your choice of hosting provider is one of the most important business decisions you will make in 2023. For the most reliable options, whether you’re looking for an affordable virtual private server or dedicated bare-metal hosting, you can explore the vast range of options at HostRound.