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Why SSL is vital for your website

Security Sockets Layer or SSL forms backbone of a secure Internet. It protects all sensitive information as the latter moves across the computer networks of the world. It is vital to protect any website even if the site is not involved in managing sensitive information. SSL offers data integrity, privacy, and critical security for not only websites but for the user’s personal information as well.


The principal reason SSL is utilized to keep sensitive information safe when it is sent across the Internet in an encrypted form so that only the recipient can comprehend it. There is a good reason for this. Information sent through the Internet gets bounced from one computer to another until it reaches the destination server.

The computers that are involved in the process could view credit card numbers, passwords and usernames along with other sensitive information in case the message is not SSL certified. When an SSL certificate is present, the information becomes illegible to any person or entity except the server where the information is being sent. Identity thieves and hackers thus do not get access to the information.



Other than encryption, a proper SSL also offers authentication. It means that the information is being sent to the correct server. No impostor can steal the information. This is important as the Internet means customers are sending information through multiple computers. Anyone or multiple computers on the list could pretend to be the website. Users can then be tricked into sending personal information. This can be avoided by utilizing Public Key Infrastructure or PKI. The SSL Certificate can be had from trusted SSL providers. Only an authentic SSL provider will issue the SSL certificate only to the verified company.
The latter will have already gone through a number of identity checks. All SSL providers follow particular practices. Since it is extremely hard to get a valid SSL certificated, it will not be possible for criminals to impersonate your website. It means that users will be less prone to be cheated to phishing. They will search for the trust indicators present in the browser, like a green color address bar of



Visual cues are offered by web browsers to ensure visitors are aware that their connection is a secure one. These could take the form of a green or red bar. It means that the website is a trusted one. If it’s an eCommerce¬†one, then customers will more likely buy from the site. The SSL providers give a trust seal which instills greater trust in the minds of the customers. The HTTPS also protects against the phishing attacks. An email is a phishing one when it tries to impersonate another website. These are sent by criminals. These kinds of emails generally include a link to another website under the control of criminals. It could also be the man-in-the-middle attack where your own domain name could be used.


PCI compliance

If you wish to accept credit card information on your website, there is a mandatory need to pass a few audits. These will show that you comply with all Payment Card Industry or PCI standards. One of the many requirements is the SSL certificate.


Search Engine Ranking

Search engines (Google, Bing, etc..) are ranking websites with SSL installed higher than others without SSL.

Web Browsers

Google Chrome announced that websites without SSL Certificate will be labeled as ‘Not Secure’ starting with the release of Chrome 56 and FireFox may follow, and this will make users not comfortable visiting your website and eventually you’ll lose your users.


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