Create an Amazing Travel Blog With WordPress

Everybody loves to talk about where they have been. For the frequent traveler, it makes sense to write a travel blog. It makes for an excellent feeling to help people when they visit a new place. If you want to write a travel blog, but unaware of where to start, you have come to the right place. Choose WordPress as it is easy to make your blog through this platform. You also get access to a number of resources. It will be easy and fast for you to start a travel blog in a minimum amount of time. In a sentence, WordPress is the perfect Content Management System or CMS.


Before you start, visit a few existing blogs. The best travel blogs are those which are excellent to look at. They also share perspectives which are not easily available on other blogs. The best travel blogs contain breathtaking travel pictures. A few describes travel in a functional manner.


Elements needed

You must have a few elements to get you started. All these will result in a superb travel blog. The first and foremost among them is WordPress itself. You must install the software on your local computer or on the web server. You also need a theme. You can choose among free themes and premium themes which cost money to use. Select the theme which matches your taste.


Do consider plugins as well. High-quality photographs are vital to any website. It follows that you require large quantities of photographs on your website. It is important to make sure that the photographs do not slow down the website download speed.


Setting up the blog

Your first task will be to make sure that the WordPress must run either from your local computer or online. In case of WordPress hosting, it is recommended to go for WP Engine. The latter costs a little upfront money every month. Installs, updates and backups are handled by the provider. The Flywheel is another managed WordPress host. It is also a cheaper option when compared to its competitors. Bluehost is best when you are on a budget. A big advantage is they provide a swift WordPress install option.


Theme selection

It is a good idea to browse through a number of themes prior to selecting one for your blog. Do not choose the first option to save time. It is recommended that you buy a theme. For travel blogs, the layout is an important one. How the images will be used is also important, as it is a vital part of storytelling. It is also an excellent idea to check for maps. If maps are there, it can be a vital part of storytelling.


Plugins installation

A noticeable advantage of using plugins is that plugins are widely available. Do install a few basic plugins which will assist in search engine optimization. Plugins also help to protect the site from spams. A number of travel blog themes includes map support. Include images of destinations as well.