Spam Experts Outgoing Filter Available to all Shared Hosting Customers

We’ve got great news for shared hosting customers in 2019. As of March, all customers on our shared hosting platforms will have access to the class-leading SpamExperts outgoing filter.

This will ensure that our valued customers are able to avoid rejections and blacklisting. You’ll protect your brand, be better able to identify abuse from your own user accounts, and avoid severe fines related to unsolicited or malicious emails.

SpamExperts outgoing filter stops spam from leaving our network and increase credibility and deliverability, and it’s available today.

Powerful Spam Filtering to Protect Your Reputation

Up to 45% of all emails sent worldwide are considered spam content. Filters are working harder than ever to deliver legitimate messages and isolate spam. It’s not just a problem of unsolicited mail. Spam is a leading delivery method for malicious software like malware and viruses.

Spam emails that leave your network could be damaging your reputation.

The good news is that you no longer need to spend time manually following up undelivered emails and submitting whitelist requests. With SpamExperts outgoing filter and SmartHost, you can ensure that your legitimate messages are delivered without delay and right to the Inbox.

Any spam leaving your network will be filtered and quarantined for further review. Allowing to manage abuse according to your own policy.

How Does SpamExperts Outgoing filter Work?

SpamExperts SMTP Relay servers are the best in the industry. With access to our outgoing filter now available to all shared hosting customers, you can have confidence knowing that your legitimate emails are delivered, while spam gets stopped before it even leaves the system.

The SpamExperts outgoing filter uses advanced algorithms to identify spam email. Abused accounts within your domain are locked with full reporting made available so that you can address issues internally. This allows you to immediately act on abuse and protect your reputation.

Spam that leaves your network is not simply deleted. Messages are quarantined so that false positives can be retrieved.

Efficient mail filtering provides you with options and flexibility.

You can use the outgoing filter as an outbound SMTP server, requiring authentication for every account. You also have the option of using SpamExperts SmartHost configuration to route all outgoing traffic through their system.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs.

You have two options to manage your mail when using our industry-leading outgoing filter.

  • Using the smart host setup (active by default on shared hosting servers) This setup route all outgoing emails from your hosting account to the spam filter and sends the legit messages from SpamExperts mail servers. can offer you complete redundancy to ensure continuity of business. As a shared hosting customer, you can’t see the outgoing emails in outgoing filer logs with this setup.
  • Alternatively, you can create SMTP account(s) to use it in any hosted software (Forum, Blog, etc..) or mail client. Using this method allows you to monitor and manage all outgoing emails from Outgoing Filter in cPanel.

Using any of the above methods require adding SPF record which is added by default when you use our nameservers.

No More Blacklisting and Deliverability Issues

If your domain has been plagued by poor deliverability or blacklisting issues, the SpamExperts outgoing filter will provide a turnkey solution. You’ll have complete control with domain-level access. With spam no longer leaving your domain, you’ll be able to manage your reputation.

Dedicated Server/VPS or Cloud server customer? We got you covered!

You can sign up for SpamExperts Outgoing or Incoming filter or both from our website or you can open a sales ticket. You’ll be billed per domain basis.
For fully managed server customers, we’ll install and configure SpamExperts for you.

Starting from $2.99 /month/domain

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