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Choosing a Perfect Website Theme for Food Blogs

WordPress themes are similar to dresses. You can provide a number of different looks to your blog while offering a basic functionality. A theme could offer a unique look to your blog. It provides the functionality to your written content.

Free and paid themes

WordPress themes come in two flavors: paid premium themes and free themes. The latter comes without any expense. The free themes, however, come with their own drawbacks. To give an example, you will not get any support when you need it. You will work with older versions of code that comes with inadequate security fixes. The latest WordPress versions may not be supported, and thus new functionalities may not be optimized for search engine rankings and performance. Free WordPress themes also carry encrypted code. In case you remove this code, your theme will stop working.
It follows that you always choose the paid themes and not the free themes. The premium WordPress themes offer additional functionalities and themes like responsive layout, multiple browser support, design customization and SEO optimization. It is now time to choose the best-paid design for your food blog.

Before you zero on to a WordPress theme, go through the following factors:

White spaces

Ensure that the WordPress theme has copious amounts of white spaces around navigation and content.
It will permit the reader as an easy read for your readers. The design will not confuse them.

Color schemes

Select an appropriate color scheme for your food blog. All food blogs need colorful content. These form the content’s highlights. The photos look superb when presented in minimalist themes having an abundance of white. In case you prefer a color scheme which is not a white one, ensure that only colors
linked with food are taken. Preferable color shades include red variations, green, yellow and orange.
Do not use black or blue unless the food is of the same color.


Always use the appropriate size, color, and type of fonts which make reading a pleasurable activity.
The fonts must not stress the eyes. Light text must not be used on a dark background.


You must make sure that the theme has consistent and clear navigation. The reader must locate the content which the person searches for sans much of an effort. Never go for horizontal scrolls. The reader must not also do any vertical scrolling to read the desired content. To do this, make the logo and header as small as you can. The content must be on the screen, not below it.

Do understand that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It was once a simple text centric blogging platform which has evolved into powering a few of the strongest websites likeĀ TechCrunch and Time. It presently powers about 30 percent of the world’s websites spanning small, medium and large businesses, magazines, photographers, and products as well. It is natural that a number of themes are available to satisfy the requirements of every kind of niche. You should choose themes made especially for food blogging.