I receive HostRound emails in my SPAM box, how to fix this?

We do our best to improve email deliverability, however, some of our emails may land in your SPAM/JUNK box for different reasons. While we send important emails like payment reminders, and other payment or service-related notifications, it's very important to guarantee that you'll receive our emails.

It's highly recommended to add our domain or email address to your trusted senders or contacts and if you're a Gmail or Outlook user, we recommend to create a Rule (in Outlook) or Filter (in GMAIL) to guarantee you'll receive every email we send to you.


How to Add a Filter in GMAIL (Desktop version)

  1. From Gmail, click on the little arrow in the search bar on top

  2. In the first field labeled as 'From', Type 'hostround.com' and Click 'Create Filter'

  3. Tick on 'Never send it to Spam'

  4. Click on 'Create Filter' button



How to add a Rule in Outlook.com (Desktop version)

  1. From `Outlook.com Settings` (Click on the Gear icon and 'Show all Outlook settings').
  2. Click on `Mail > Rules`
  3. Give the rule a name in the first field
  4. Add a condition and Select `Sender Address Include` under Keywords Section and Type `hostround.com`
  5. Add Action and select `Move to` > `Inbox`
  6. Save



If you use other email services, please make sure to whitelist our domain 'hostround.com' and the following email addresses:

noreply [at] hostround.com

billing [at] hostround.com

sales [at] hostround.com

support [at] hostround.com

abuse [at] hostround.com

abusedesk [at] hostround.com

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