Why is my order still pending after payment is settled?

Your order status can be pending for various reasons:

1) The order is under review
If this is your first order with us, it is likely under review. Typically, initial orders necessitate manual review by our billing or review team and may take up to one business day. Please be aware that subsequent orders may also undergo manual review before provisioning, if deemed necessary by our team.

2) More information required
If our team requires additional information before proceeding with the order provisioning, they will contact you via email or ticket. Please ensure to check both your Inbox and Spam folder for our message and reply at your earliest convenience.

3) Order in provisioning
The ordered service is currently in provisioning. Services such as Dedicated servers may require some time for provisioning.

4) Payment not received
Payments sent via Bitcoin, check, and ACH require more time to settle.


If you need assistance tracking your order, please open a sales/billing ticket, reach out to us via live chat, or give us a call at 888-991-1272.

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