How to restart network in Almalinux 8/9 / RHEL 8/9

This article is dedicated to RHEL8/9 - AlmaLinux 8/9.


After you make changes to the network interface configuration, it's crucial to restart the network, or in our case, the configured interface, for the changes to take effect.



  • Server root access is required.
  • We'll use NetworkManager nmcli tool (included by default)
    Note: cPanel servers on Almalinux 8 don't have access to NetworkManager.
  • Assuming your interface name is eno1. Replace eno1 with your interface name.


You should follow the steps below:

  1. Reload the connection
    nmcli connection reload
  2. Restart the interface eno1
    nmcli connection up ifname eno1
    Replace eno1 with your interface name.

    - OR - 

    nmcli device down eno1;nmcli device up eno1
    Replace eno1 with your interface name.

  3. Review the updated changes.



How to know the network interface/device name?

The interface name is different on each server, but you can easily know your interface name with NetworkManager cli tool.


To show active connections:

nmcli connection show

You'll find the Device name and connection UUID in the output.

You can bring a connection Up/Down using the UUID not only the device or interface name.

You can do so with the following command:

nmcli connection up {UUID}

nmcli connection down {UUID}

Replace {UUID} with the actual connection UUID.


To show configured interfaces with detailed information:

nmcli device show

This will show detailed information about the active devices/interfaces with assigned IPs.


To show the device/interface status

nmcli device status



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